Juve 1-0 Roma

Juventus 1-0 Roma

By T G, 19 October 2021

This game provided us many a question mark going into it. From team selection, to formation, and so on. As things solidified, the dust cleared, and we took to the pitch. It could’ve been anyone’s match.

Mad Max once again showed his tactical prowess. Showing that the sum of your parts can be far more vast than the individual parts themselves.

The opening, and only goal coming from a pin ball of headers, that could very well have gone full tilt. And let’s not forget, Mattia De Sciglio, who provided a brilliant in-swinging cross after collecting the ball from a long switch from Cuadrado. Mattia, for all the flack he takes, quietly had a tidy game.

The left side pressing of Chiesa and Bernadeschi was quite smart. The old guard at the center of our defense in Chiello and Bonucci served well, as expected. Perhaps Tek was our saviour. I can’t say the midfield was overly impressive, as it lacked in more than one way, but I imagine this was more due to the tactical choices for the individual game more than anything.

The rest of the game provided your typical back and forth. More than a few nervy moments. Though we absorbed much pressure, we did have a few forays forward.

I can’t help but to think that this victory comes more down to design than anything, but, we did come away with the result we desired, and needed.

The rest as we say, ‘is history.’

A very important three points bagged up this weekend, and our form is improving. With a midweek clash with Zenit on the horizon in Europe, the rest of the week should prove for salivating viewing.

Fino alla fine. Forza Juve.

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