I hope I am wrong…

25 March 2022

The announcement from Arrivabene came as no major shock in it’s general message, though the explanation and details have led to much debate of how both the club and agent(s) involved have handled the affair. Before getting into the key points of the rumblings, mumblings, condemnations, support and horror, it seems prudent to look at […]

Understanding the Dybala affair

23 March 2022

The news that Juventus will not extend Dybala contract has left many of us wondering what on earth went so wrong, that one the most emblematic and technically gifted players had to be shown the back door? After all we became accustomed to extending contracts and overpaying for soooo many useless and overrated chaps, that […]

Steps in the Right direction…

9 March 2022

MERCATO mumblings – Late January I must say that I am a little surprised. Pleasantly so. As I have become accustomed to abject failure both on and off the field for many moons now, I was not expecting the welcome flurry of mercato activity of the last few days. Signing the strongest number 9 in […]

Nicolo Fagioli

Give the kids a chance…

18 January 2022

We seem rather strapped for cash. I don’t know the exact figures and doubt anybody knows them. It is never good business sense to reveal you are poor. Yet our financial matters seem harrowing, in whatever reality can be grasped and taken as something near to our reality. The squad is overpaid and bulging with […]

Juve mutterings (back from the brink)

17 December 2021

I have been out of sorts of late, due to an unexpected, certainly unwelcome, yet ultimately unavoidable motorcycle accident involving a three vehicle pile up in my intended direction of travel. Which has led to…a rather testing time all round. Throughout which however, supine demanded on a hospital bed, I kept track of Juve. Even […]

Open thread…Juve mutterings.

13 November 2021

First on the agenda must be Dejan Kulusevski. Who is rumoured to be on his way out, with none other than our old friend Paratici apparently eager to try pluck him from Turin and offer him a chance to shine in London. Arsenal also are in the mix, so say the usual suspects. This talk […]

La Juve Vita

1 November 2021

By: Travis M. Gallardo Let’s start the bidding at 40m! Do I hear 50m?! The modern era of the beautiful game has become so synonymous with coin and highlights that the line between reality and fantasy is far too casually blurred. Certainly we all deserve a moment’s peace with the wandering mind that dares to […]

Paratici, Cherubini and Agnelli

The Paratici Legacy

14 October 2021

We sit in 7th after a haphazard start to the campaign which many of us felt so positive towards before the first game of the season. For Paratici had gone! Pirlo had gone! And yet then Ronaldo left in the final flurry, which most of us tried to look past, clung onto the hope that […]

We have been here too many times…

1 September 2021

(NB – This was submitted prior to the start of the season, yet still holds value!) We have been here too many times lately, it’s been season after season since Max Allegris departure, too many seasons where we were ecstatic at our new manager and couldn’t wait for the season to start! only to end […]

The Cristiano Aftermath

27 August 2021

As soon as Massimiliano Allegri finished his presser, things were much clearer. Three years after he signed for Juventus, on 10 July 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo had told him he did not intend to play for our beloved club anymore. It looked like his agent, Jorge Mendes, had managed to get Manchester City United to sign […]