The Cristiano Aftermath

27 August 2021

As soon as Massimiliano Allegri finished his presser, things were much clearer. Three years after he signed for Juventus, on 10 July 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo had told him he did not intend to play for our beloved club anymore. It looked like his agent, Jorge Mendes, had managed to get Manchester City United to sign […]

The countdown begins…

17 August 2021

By now most have become settled, reluctantly or not, with the incredibly quiet mercato. Whilst there have been some comings and goings, all have been low key with many of those we hoped could be moved on, still stuck at the club, taking up space in the wage bill and roster. The only (probably) major […]

Monday muttering on Juve…

9 August 2021

Many of us have our own versions of support for a club, of bond to the managers, colours, history, successes, failures, greatest and worst players. It differs from fan to fan, and hugely so between generations. On the whole, these subjective proclivities intersect on core grounds, of how the team are faring. We win, and […]

mattia perin juventus

Return of the King and the reluctant number 2

23 July 2021

It came as only vague surprise to find the latest former player to visit Continassa linked with a job at the club. And now it appears employed by the club. With Simone Padoin rejoining the ranks as part of Max’s coaching staff. Whilst there is some sentimental value attached, given the player spent 4 years […]

arthur melo juventus

Arthur gunned down…replacement needed???

21 July 2021

Rumours abound of our brazillian midfielder Arthur, many of them ugly, and to my mind, unwarranted. Whether we were expecting him to return somehow transformed into a world class component of our new Max era or simply hoped he might find his rhythm…we now have to accept that due to the recent surgery, the player […]

Squad matters

13 July 2021

No doubt like many with some italian blood flowing through their veins you are recovering from the carnival of tension, hope, fear and ultimate glory from this morning…the wake-up alarm at 443am was met with eyelids hard to unglue and after that first half they really did not want to open any further. Replacing the […]


18 June 2021

Already began the coverage of Italy HERE, but no time to get into individual reports of all the games as they are coming thick and fast. So…seems for the best to have an open thread and add to it ideally a few words daily, but with work and oscar and the awful timings, I will […]

Max Allegri with Dybala

Max and more JUVE mutterings…

4 June 2021

I was too long delayed in finishing my own piece on the return of Max Allegri, which began and had paused just as the waves of confirmation began washing over my shoreline. Some of the response still holds some relevance, which guides me to include some snippets below in the hope that the absence of […]

Allegri 2.0: A Brand New Era… Or is It?

31 May 2021

I believe in Era. Legends come and go and sometimes, when you’re lucky enough, several of them peak together and form an era. The last great Italian Era started in Euro 2000 and culminated in winning World Cup 2006. In 2000, legends such as Roberto Baggio, Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta had left (or not […]

Illogical and another verse in the song of the doomed.

2 April 2021

A quiet time for juve matters on field, which leads to the usual recalibration of focus towards the mercato, even though that circus remains an age away. Still, as it is all we have, it seems worth joining in the cacophony… Aguero has been a stunning player. Much talk a few years back suggested our […]