Allegri 2.0: A Brand New Era… Or is It?

31 May 2021

I believe in Era. Legends come and go and sometimes, when you’re lucky enough, several of them peak together and form an era. The last great Italian Era started in Euro 2000 and culminated in winning World Cup 2006. In 2000, legends such as Roberto Baggio, Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta had left (or not […]

Illogical and another verse in the song of the doomed.

2 April 2021

A quiet time for juve matters on field, which leads to the usual recalibration of focus towards the mercato, even though that circus remains an age away. Still, as it is all we have, it seems worth joining in the cacophony… Aguero has been a stunning player. Much talk a few years back suggested our […]

Seeking calmer waters…

27 March 2021

We have the weakest coach in every competition we have entered this campaign. Yet one of the strongest squads. I would suggest we also have one of, if not the weakest coaching teams – given Pirlo brought in other inexperienced staff to work closely with him on the training field. This might seem harsh, and […]

paulo dybala juventus

DIY Dybala

26 March 2021

When Maurizio Sarri was announced as the Juventus manager back in the beginning of the 2019/20 season, what excited me the most was the possibility of growth that Dybala could endure under him. We all saw what the compulsive smoking tactician did to Mertens at Napoli, transforming him from a fairly efficient winger into a […]

will ronaldo leave juventus

Ronaldo to leave Juve?

16 March 2021

With still a further season remaining on the ageing superstar’s mega contract, our recent failure in the CL and worrying financial situation may well meet with Ronaldo’s eagerness to finish his career at the top…which is certainly not where he finds himself with Juve. Far off the summits his talents deserve as their platform, some […]

Dicari: Maestro Gelandang Tengah (Bukan Pirlo)

15 March 2021

Sepeninggal kuartet gelandang legendaris MVPP, Marchisio – Vidal – Pirlo – Pogba, praktis pelatih Juventus harus terima-terima saja menjalankan pertandingan dengan Matuidi, Pjanic dan Khedira sebagai gelandang utama. Saya juga akan mengingatkan anda sebentar tentang gelandang Juve lainnya pada masa ini: Sturaro, Hernanes, Lemina, Rincon. Siapa yang jadi favorit anda? Habisnya masa kedigdayaan lini tengah […]

nicolo fagioli juventus

Onwards, ever onwards…

12 March 2021

The angst continues to burn hot in many, occupy any media ever focused on Juve, with the same cycle of questions raised. Is the Ronaldo purchase costing us too much for too little? Is Pirlo so out of his depth that he must be culled? Must Paratici and Nedved, even Agnelli take responsibility for the […]

Juventus Umumkan Kerugian Besar

28 February 2021

Artikel ini ditulis oleh TGP dan disadur oleh Yulio Laporan Keuangan Direksi terakhir membuat agak bergidik ketika harus membacanya. “Secara detil, kerugian yang meningkat di semester pertama tahun ini dikarenakan adanya penuruan pendapatan senilai € 64 juta, berhubungan erat dengan penurunan pendapatan dari hak registrasi pemain (€ 55 juta) dan dampak dari pandemi, pada penjualan […]

Juventus announce mega losses

26 February 2021

The latest Board of Directors financial report makes worrying reading. “In detail, the higher loss in the first half of the year is essentially attributable to lower revenues of € 64 million, related to lower revenues from players’ registration rights (€ 55 million) and the effects directly attributable to the pandemic, on tickets sales and […]

The revolution to continue?

19 February 2021

Browsing the muddled, generally ME ME ME twitter realm earlier today when strewn happily on a bed of sand with the soothing symphony of the ocean lapping at the shoreline near my lower paws I happened upon a curious tweet… Qui, vi spiego bene il possibile scenario e gli eventuali sviluppi. @juventusfc @Inter⚽️💣🇮🇹 — Paolo […]