moise kean juventus

The return of the prodigal son…

7 September 2021

Whilst the mercato window closed shut with no last minute addition to the troublesome midfield area, or any serious challenge to the long jaded Sandro, this summer we did make one major signing other than the protracted Locatelli deal. As a former juventino was returned to the fold… Moise Kean was by far the most […]

The Cristiano Aftermath

27 August 2021

As soon as Massimiliano Allegri finished his presser, things were much clearer. Three years after he signed for Juventus, on 10 July 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo had told him he did not intend to play for our beloved club anymore. It looked like his agent, Jorge Mendes, had managed to get Manchester City United to sign […]

Blitzkrieg mercato finale??

26 August 2021

With less than a week to pass before the mercato door slams shut the media is awash with cruel rumours of the gilded Portuguese seeking a hasty exit from Juve. I say cruel, because offering false hope to sensitive souls is a terrible way to behave, and there are a few lurking in the shadows […]

kaio jorge juventus

Who is Kaio Jorge

4 August 2021

We all love a brazillian wonderkid. And for many moons we have looked jealously upon other clubs signing these would be superstars, a staggeringly high number of which in the least become decent players. I can remember us been linked with so many, all of them even, but the sum part of any success I […]

emil audero

Who will replace Buffon?

10 June 2021

Obviously, I am not referring to his presence, gravitas, influence or even technique as a living legend of Juve and the game beyond. I mean who will we sign as our next number two, to Tek? The question I have given little thought to as we are all so focused on Locatelli and Ronaldo and […]

Is Donnarumma what we really need?

7 June 2021

I see a lot of people are desperate for the club to sign Donnarumma. Almost as if it would be an insult to the fans and our history if this were not to happen and we would ‘lose’ this apparently gilded opportunity. Which is not at all how I not just feel, but think of […]

max allegri and pogba

Why so quiet, Paul???

6 June 2021

Whilst rumours fly around of the usual suspects, changing direction with the wind, there is close to nothing of much substance regarding a certain former player who many would love to see return to the club. Pogba has been bang average since moving to United. All the expectation and hope of him cementing his place […]

Allegri 2.0: A Brand New Era… Or is It?

31 May 2021

I believe in Era. Legends come and go and sometimes, when you’re lucky enough, several of them peak together and form an era. The last great Italian Era started in Euro 2000 and culminated in winning World Cup 2006. In 2000, legends such as Roberto Baggio, Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta had left (or not […]

Can Juventus Afford Gigio Donnarumma?

15 April 2021

Lately, media have speculated of Juve’s interest in Gigio Donnarumma, Milan and Italy’s number one. He’s just 22 and yet he’s already played more than 200 games for Milan in Serie A and other main European competitions and been considered one of the top young goalkeepers in Europe for five years. Simply said, he’s a […]

Juve sign Bryan Reynolds???

30 December 2020

A fair few reports are suggesting we have secured the signing of 19 year old American defender Bryan Reynolds. The lad comes with some high promise and praise. Rumoured fee is $10m. “I would say some of his best performances are on par with any top right back in the league. And he’s still learning,” […]