Sampdoria 1-3 Juve

13 March 2022

We have become much more solid, organised, disciplined with our movements under Max. This has shown hugely in the last few games. And clearly has long been worked upon, with the squad as a whole, hence why it still shows through, during this period of hideous injuries. I keep thinking that our opponents are unlucky, […]

Juve v FIOR

6 November 2021

Has the ritiro helped create unity and more importantly belief and hunger? Early signs against Zenith were very positive, for with a bit more luck, better finishing, we could and should have won 6-2. Too much of the hype of this game is about Dusan. Which all seems to me like smoke without any fire, […]

Juve pulse check

29 October 2021

Once again, all too quickly, we are back in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Wailing despondency erupted, within the fanbase and mainstream pundit platforms after our midweek home defeat to Sassuolo. Which was the first game I had missed, gladly so it turns out. Yet had I watched it, whilst I would have been […]

Inter v Juventus

24 October 2021

After a run which has seen us win 7 of the last 8, producing a superb quarter of clean sheets and 1-0 victories of late, we now face an important test in the derby d’italia against our old chums Inter. There is something lacking of the traditional menace, despite the importance of the fixture to […]

Zenith 0-1 Juve

21 October 2021

A fairly dogged performance against a very well organised Zenith side, saw Juve emerge with another clean sheet and 3 more vital points. Not much worked well going forward, barely any quality passages of play as the home side maintained a very solid, very compact defensive shape and aimed to hit on the break. Given […]

arthur melo juventus

Who is the real Arthur???

14 June 2021

Much excitement abounded last Summer as we finally, after a protracted chase, secured brazillian midfielder Arthur Melo. Some said we were getting a steal – a Xavi like young talent in exchange for Pjanic in a deal which seemed to help us more than Barcelona, who were involved in a fire sale of sorts to […]

max allegri returns to juventus

Briefly about Max

28 May 2021

I`m glad Max is back. No official statement has been released, but who needs it, when we have the tweets from Romeo Agresti and Fabrizio Romano? Firstly, I think he is the best fit for our current situation and secondly, well, he’s been my favourite coach for a while now.  Ever since it became obvious […]

Midweek Mutterings in the garden – Should Pirlo be sacked???

19 May 2021

Any juve fan who has followed the club the last few years will know that we have some quite serious problems. After our superb stint under Conte then Max, which led to plenty of silverware and two CL final appearances, the world class midfield of that squad was allowed to depart and unfortunately not replaced […]

SUPER LEAGUE announced

19 April 2021

Despite far reaching opposition not just from many commentators who suspect this is a cash grab and further monopolisation of the industry by the richest clubs, Andrea Agnelli, Juventus President and ECA chairman has perhaps achieved his dream and a nightmare for others… A statement was released last night from the Super League clan, ironically […]

Dicari: Maestro Gelandang Tengah (Bukan Pirlo)

15 March 2021

Sepeninggal kuartet gelandang legendaris MVPP, Marchisio – Vidal – Pirlo – Pogba, praktis pelatih Juventus harus terima-terima saja menjalankan pertandingan dengan Matuidi, Pjanic dan Khedira sebagai gelandang utama. Saya juga akan mengingatkan anda sebentar tentang gelandang Juve lainnya pada masa ini: Sturaro, Hernanes, Lemina, Rincon. Siapa yang jadi favorit anda? Habisnya masa kedigdayaan lini tengah […]