Juve mutterings (back from the brink)

17 December 2021

I have been out of sorts of late, due to an unexpected, certainly unwelcome, yet ultimately unavoidable motorcycle accident involving a three vehicle pile up in my intended direction of travel. Which has led to…a rather testing time all round. Throughout which however, supine demanded on a hospital bed, I kept track of Juve. Even […]

Open thread…Juve mutterings.

13 November 2021

First on the agenda must be Dejan Kulusevski. Who is rumoured to be on his way out, with none other than our old friend Paratici apparently eager to try pluck him from Turin and offer him a chance to shine in London. Arsenal also are in the mix, so say the usual suspects. This talk […]

Blitzkrieg mercato finale??

26 August 2021

With less than a week to pass before the mercato door slams shut the media is awash with cruel rumours of the gilded Portuguese seeking a hasty exit from Juve. I say cruel, because offering false hope to sensitive souls is a terrible way to behave, and there are a few lurking in the shadows […]

Chiesa Juventus

Juve Mercato Analysis (Indonesian translation)

19 October 2020

Berakhirnya Jendela Transfer… Akhirnya berakhir sudah masa jendela transfer yang selalu penuh intrik bak sirkus. Kini semua rumor mulai mereda dan penggawa Juventus dapat memulai musim dengan tenang. Sebelum saya memulai analisa saya, sambil sesekali melirik ke arah layar macbook agar terlihat peduli dengan zoom meeting pekerjaan yang diikuti kurang lebih 20 orang, pikiran saya […]

Chiesa Juventus

The window shuts…

10 October 2020

Finally the circus of the mercato -which always trends at the final turn towards musical chairs – comes to an end. The rumour mill put into neutral and the squads now settled. Before I begin my analysis, as I try to remember to peek now and then towards the webcam on my macbook (set at […]

Keeping the purse strings tight…

Keeping the purse strings tight…

26 August 2016

This mercato has been one of major upheaval, and with the transfer drawbridge soon to be raised I thought it timely to delve into the figures and soothe the concerns of some, whilst also offering further evidence of the continued excellence of our sporting director and his side-kick. Despite the mega spending, which can be analysed […]